I've had cause to remember a touching act of generosity from when I was an impoverished law student in the UK. A fellow Muslim law student and mate from Pakistan asked me around to his place to discuss an assignment. I got there late and he and a number of other students were in the garage, just finished prayers, all sat in a circle about to eat.

I apologised and said I'd come back, but everyone called out and insisted that I join them.

Their parents had scrimped and saved to get them to the UK for studies. Every morsel of food was measured and had cost them collectively. I recounted this to my friend.

His explanation was driven by his faith. He said that there is always enough for one more. There is always enough room for one more. Everyone might have had a little less but everyone had some and everyone had a place.

Many of us are not driven by religion and probably don't understand it. But its not hard to understand the good that a quiet unselfish faith can do for humanity.